This is a strategy game, which is designed for the Apple devices and Android devices. You can download the game from Apple App store and Google Play store.

Builder plans

Clash of Clans has lots of focus on execution and preparation of strategies. It has some important game aspects to having good angel builder plan. You need to secure the base and destroy all the enemy units, which come to attack the base. You need to plan the base as it a huge effect on whether you are to win or lose the game. There are several builder plans you can use.

There are many things, which you need to consider in creating the base. You should note that the base is very important part as it helps protect the resources. Also, you should maintain high trophy count. This base is not only defensive in nature. It will form a basis to protect the resources. You need the troops and army structures to attack the enemy and eliminate them. There are some basics you ought to consider when to plan your base.

There are some buildings, which you need to protect the walls. Moreover, there are others to left outside the walls. Huts are some of the buildings, which needs to be out. Others include Laboratory, barracks, army cramps, and Spell Factory. If the elixir and gold mines and areas are of high levels, you need to have them inside the walls. Defensive buildings need to be centralized such as Mortars and towers. This is necessary to avoid being attacked. You should avoid placing the Archer towers and canons in outskirts. This is a need to ensure that your buildings are not attacked first.

This is a free game to play. However, there are some in-game purchases, which every player can make to speed the process and lampdevelop armies and villages. You start the game with a basic tutorial, which introduces core game concepts. You need to create more concurrent projects and resources.

Real-time of building units and buildings plus a collection of materials implies that you will be juggling with materials. If you do not have the right materials, you will have to wait. You should be able to gather enough resources, which will keep you going.

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