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Over the recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about getting banned after an ELO boost. As someone who has never experienced this before, it can be difficult to know which information is factual. The truth is that there are many reasons why such accounts get banned. In fact, it could be because of a totally different reason because there are those whose accounts have been suspended been without the boost.

Change in IP addresses

Those whose accounts have been banned tend to believe that the system detects when there is a change in IP addresses, and so, they think that this is the reason they are being banned. However, if you keenly look at the situation, you will realize that this might not be the cause. For instance, you could be visiting a friend, and therefore, you need to use their computer to log into your account. The system does not restrict you to only using the computer in your house because if it did, it only means that it will be making your experience a difficult one.


Although a rise in your account could be because of a boost, it also is important to pint out that you can also rise naturally. If you manage to rise rapidly to platinum level, there will be no reason the system should ban you because, after all, it is a possible. There is no set limit when it comes to the speed with which you move up the ranks. It, therefore, does not make sense to argue that once the system detects a rapid rise, it will ban you on the grounds that you are getting a boost.

Getting the boost from a reliable source

boy playing gameSince a ban could be because of many other reasons, you should know how to get a boost from a reliable source. The person that logs into your account should be a trusted one. Even though there are many companies as well as individuals who offer these services, that should not make you believe that they all are reliable.

The good thing, however, is that avoiding getting banned after an ELO boost is very easy. If you are searching online, you should insist on using a service that has been proven to work. You might want to talk to some of your friends who have used such services before just to be sure that you are not risking a ban.

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