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Why you Should Play Pokemon Go

01/10/2017 Games

Pokemon go

Pokemon go is one of the most interesting games that is taking the internet and social media by storm. Unlike other games where you sit behind the screen and play, this game takes a different perspective. With pokemon go accessories, you have to physically visit the different surrounding to play the game. This makes it an interesting game for people who live an adventure.

It is important to take note that playing Pokemon go has its challenges because going to physical locations at odd hours of the night may not be a good idea. Despite these challenges, the game remains one of the best games that you can play.

Benefits of playing Pokemon go

Physical activity

If you are one of those people who don’t like the gym or jogging, then Pokplaying Pokemon goemon go might just be the right solution for you. This is a game that requires you to move from place to place to win the game. People who like to stay around the house will find a great motivation to move around.

When moving around, you will not only be winning the game, but you will also be benefiting your body through physical activity. If you feel that the gym or jogging is not the right thing for you, then you should try Pokemon go.

Educative game

With the current lifestyle, many people are not aware of their environment. Pokemon is one of the few games that will lead you to understand your surrounding environment better. The game will introduce you to places in your surrounding that you never knew that they existed.

For people who don’t like historic books or are poor is landmarks or historic sites, this is one of the ways to educate yourself. Pokemon will help you identify places that you never knew that they existed.

Improving social interaction

Improving social intplaying Pokemon goeractions is one of the reasons why Pokemon go is quickly increasing in popularity. In the traditional video games that we know, players meet online. Pokemon go however different from the normal games that we know.

The players will always meet physical when they are trying to win the game in different physical location. This is a good way to meet friends for people who want to make new friends in their area.

Pokemon accessories and clothing are also another way of improving social interaction. Players of the game can always identify each other in public through their dressing, and they can hold social events to know how to play and win the game better.

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Becoming the Best Player in Pokémon Go

09/05/2016 Gaming

people playing Pokémon

Different individuals from various parts of the world are running randomly looking at their phones with one purpose of catching them all. Buy Pokemon Go Accounts to catch up with this excitement that has swept everyone. This read talks about the tricks and tips of the Pokémon Go that will no doubt make you excel in this game.

Best tips and tricks

Visiting the parks with multiple Poke Stops

One of the top tricks and tips of this game is visiting the park with multiple Poke Shops. It is indeed true that you can man playing phonefind Pokémon anywhere; however, if you want to find lots of Pokémon then you should go to an area that is populated. The cities are the best places to begin from, but the parks are the best especially those with the saltwater beach parks or a great body of water. This is a great Pokémon catching experience.

The different terrain will assist you to find different types of Pokémon whereas the parks with various Poke Stops will help you have enough Poke Balls while you are hunting.

Hunt in pairs

It is crucial to note that when the Pokémon appear in a given area, they appear to everyone and can be caught by anyone in that area. The hunting groups and the hunting pairs are therefore highly recommended. It is not only for fun to banter with the friends while wandering in the neighborhood for Pokémon. It will also help you cover more ground as you try figuring out where the Kadabra might be hiding.

Hunt safely

You should pay attention that you are not robbed or stabbed. It is clearly not safe to go by yourself to a Lure enabled Poke Stop at night. With that in mind, you can hunt smartly in pairs or small groups at night to find the Pokémon that you will not ordinarily find during the day. When hunting, ensure that you only stick to the well-lit areas that have a car nearby.

Use your radar ring to discover Pokémon

playing PokémonAs you wander the world, your avatar will always have a small ring that is pulsing and glowing around it. This ring is your personal radar when it comes to the game. It is what determines whether you are close enough to the Poke Gym or the Poke Shop. It is, therefore, critical that you use it as it is also what pulls the nearby Pokémon out of their hiding. Once the Pokémon is on your nearby radar, it should be within a few blocks of your location.

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