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A guide to buying the right gaming monitor

09/21/2017 Gaming Accessories


The type of gaming monitor you buy goes a long way to determining your gaming experience. A gaming monitor could mean victory or defeat for you. No one wants to lose, hence the importance of buying the right monitor. Some monitors like 144Hz gaming monitor have proved their worth in the gaming world.

What makes them stand out?

There are a number of things that make a monitor stand out which you should consider when buying a gaming monitor. These will help you get a gaming monitor that will serve you for many years to come. We’ve listed the most important ones which will act as your monitor buying guide.

Response rate

The higher the response rate of a gaming monitors the lower the efficiency while the lower the the response rate, the higher the efficiency. Response rate refers to how fast or slows a monitor refreshes or updates. A good gaming monitor should have a response rate of between 1ms and 8ms. A monitor with a response rate that’s higher than 8ms is not efficient.

Panel size

monitorThe higher the panel size, the better. Unless it’s a laptop monitor, your gaming monitor should not go anything below 20 inches. You would have a good gaming experience if you for a monitor sized 23 or 24 inches. However, the best gaming experience is achieved with a 27 inches monitor. In addition to this, the larger the monitor, the higher the power required. Therefore, you should consider the amount of your power source to determine the size of your gaming monitor.


Resolution of your gaming monitor determines how clear the display will be. A clear display is achieved when the pixels are small. A high-resolution monitor gives smaller pixels. For example, if you are buying 20 inches 144Hz monitor, a good buying should advise you to buy a monitor with a resolution of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels. For a gaming monitor that’s between 25 and 27 inches, the resolution should be at least 2560 by 1440 pixels. Basically, the larger the size of the monitor, the higher the resolution should be.

Panel type

The type of panel on your gaming monitor determines its color accuracy. Viewing angle, brightness and pixel response time. According to 144Hz monitor buying guide, there are four types of panels namely IPS, TN, PLS and VA panels.
IPS monitors are expensive but have the best color accuracy. However, their response rate is low.
TN panels are cheap and have a higher response rate. However, their brightness level is poor as well as the color accuracy. If you want high-quality images, avoid TN panels.
PLS panels are relatively cheaper that IPS panels although they both possess almost similar qualities. The only difference is that they are a bit brighter than IPS panels.
VA panels are more expensive that TN panels and offer better brightness and darkness variations as well as color accuracy.

Monitor stand

musicThere are different monitor stands available. For example, according to monitor buying guides for 144Hz monitors, they allow adjustments like rotation, tilting, swivel, and pivot. There are monitor stands that offer these adjustments all together while others offer one or two of these adjustments. Choose a monitor stand that suits your needs.

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The best gaming monitors at the moment

08/24/2017 Gadget

Gaming monitors are so many in the market that it can be confusing in selecting the right one. But no need to worry if you have done the research then the process will not be that difficult. And this articles has come to help you out in making the right decision. When choosing the right gaming monitor, it might confuse you if you don’t know the different features available the refresh rate, the sizes and the response time because every monitor will have different features.  So for you to have the best gaming monitor, then you need to select the one that will have the best of all the features that I have mentioned above. Click here for the best gaming monitors at the moment. Continue reading to understand some of the best gaming monitors at the moment.

Acer Predator XB271HU

LG monitor

When you buy this one, you will notice right away that it has an excellent performance when you are gaming. The size of the Acer Predator is 27inch and its works best if you have a PC with the Nvidia’s GTX graphics card the game will run so smoothly. The game will run so smoothly when you have this gaming monitor up to 144Hz this is when it’s compared to the 60Hz, and this difference can be seen.

BenQ XL2720Z

The BenQ XL2720Z its 27 inches, and it’s one of the best gaming monitors on the market today there is no doubt about that. The feature that makes this gaming monitor stand out is the extra hertz that it has and what’s more they are complimented by so many features like the monitor blur reduction. The three genre setting and what stands out is the zero flicker technology that the main purpose will be making the game easier when it’s comes to the eyes. The response is one of the best because it has unbeatable 1ms and also it has a button that you can flick 12 aspects, this means the game can be changed to a professional one.

Samsung C24FG70


If you are a fan of the curved gaming, then you are in luck because the Samsung C24FG70 is the one that you should get. The other feature that makes it the best is the plethora. Also, it gives the person using it the ability to impressive color reproduction because of the quantum dot display. This gaming monitor will be the best for those individuals in the market in search of something that can edit professional photos and videos. It has the 144Hz, and it’s the best that anyone can have as I had mentioned earlier.


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