red ball 1 review 3

Red Ball 1 is an excellent game, which involves action, puzzle, and physics. The game provides over 17 levels. As you move up, the challenge you face increases. The name of the game is derived from the red ball. You are required to move the ball through many obstacles to score.

You can play this game use keyboard keys. For movements, you will use arrow keys. However, there are some tricks you can apply to red ball make your Red Ball 1 playing interesting. For instance, you can combine both right and up arrow keys. In this way, you can move your ball forward and over obstacles. If you wish to restart the game at any given time, just hit the “R” key. Escape key for quitting the game and ‘P’ is for pausing the game. Unfortunately, you cannot use the mouse to move the ball. However, in future the developers may integrate the use of the mouse.

The main objective of this game is moving the ball past obstacles. You should take care for the ball not to fall into holes or pits. Moreover, if it hits the obstacles, your ball will be damaged. Your duty is to move the ball on a particular to reach goal flag successfully. At the start of play, the ball is static. Start by pressing any arrow keys and it will move accordingly. If you get a pit between red ball 1 the blocks, you will need to jump over it. Just pressing up arrow will only make a ball move up and not forward.

Red Ball 1 is a great game in which you apply your skills and physics principles. You will need to be smart to achieve every target. Every level has something new. The initial levels are easy, and the difficulty of the game moves up. You will come across pits in between the blocks. For you to advance to the next level, you will need good coordination with the arrow keys. Difficulty to play will start from the second level, and you will need to be smart. It is an amazing game to challenge your mind. For instance, in the second level, the ball behaves like a pendulum. Therefore, it can move back if you are not careful. In the subsequent levels, there are thorns and axes that will damage the ball if you are not careful. The game has no end as it length increases as you move up.

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