2014 Games

The last year of gaming brought us the very first complete year of the next generation of consoles. It brought us brand-new triple A’ IP’s and worthy sequels. You could likewise call 2014 the year of broken games!

2014 Games You would require just two hands to count how many video games launched completely out of whack last year. Now these are personal viewpoints and yours may not be the same.

Let’s start with Madden 15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed: Unity have all given me hundreds of hours of pure enjoyment. While these are all sequels, they squeezed new life into their respective franchises.

Madden 15 was a big step up over the sub-par Madden 25. Where its predecessor failed to be anything near “next-gen”, Madden 15 picked up the slack and delivered an amazing football video game. From its upgraded presentation to its slick brand-new graphics it’s a pleasure to take a look at. It is also more in depth than ever in regards to gameplay. You can say that EA Sports made an effort last year.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is precisely what the doctor ordered. If you were trying to find a need to return into softball gamethe franchise, here it is. You believe the franchise required retooling or rebooted? Check. Advanced Warfare has change Call of Duty permanently, and it’s hard to consider going back to a time before exo matches and double jumping. Not only is the multiplayer the very best in the series because the initial Modern Warfare, it boast a fantastic campaign.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was probably the worst examined Creed game since the third one, but I couldn’t agree less with the final decision. Unity is my favorite Creed game given that the 3rd! Maybe I’m just a sucker for bad Assassin’s Creed Games. From its jaw dropping open world, its sleek graphics, and outstanding gameplay; there’s a lot to like about Unity and it’s a shame that bugs and glitches destroyed the experience for some.

Each person has their preference and lets hope we can get even more great games this year.

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