How Dedicated Servers Boost Gaming Performance

09/03/2020 Gaming

playing games

If you are a video gaming enthusiast, the chances are that you have heard about dedicated servers and their impact on gaming. This mostly applies to multiplayer games that have a global audience. You cannot overlook the importance of having dedicated GTG Servers when you need to improve your gaming experience. Today, most games allow players to rent dedicated servers, and this service is offered to both PC and console gamers. That said, here are some ways that a dedicated server enhances the gaming experience.  

They Improve Gaming Performance

Having a dedicated server improves the overall performance and experience for all players connected to it. In light of this fact, players should always use a dedicated server depending on the game that they are playing. While most video games are incredibly fascinating, connecting to a poor host can ruin the whole gaming experience. It is also worth noting that using a poor host often allows for a host advantage. On the other hand, using a dedicated server takes care of the fact that some players might have an advantage over gaming

They Give Players Better Control

Besides improving gaming performance, a dedicated server gives you a bit more control. It makes it a lot easy for game hosts to determine the setup or rules of the game. Moreover, another good thing about this ‘new’ level of control is that it also lets the host limit who gets into the server. This aspect of control comes in handy for players who want to compete among themselves.

They Reduce the Lag

All connections are defined by the ping, which is the amount of time that a signal travels from the source to the destination and back. Ideally, a low ping value is desirable for a worthy gaming experience. A high ping is indicative that you might have a slow internet connection. However, as far as gaming goes, it is important to ensure that the lag times are similar. Any inequalities in ping times are a recipe for undue advantage. Thus, having a dedicated server reduces lag times and ensures players do not suffer the effects of lags.

They are Reliable

As expected, a dedicated server tends to be more reliable than its shared counterparts. Most service providers offering dedicated servers offer 99.99% uptime and real-time monitoring to ensure that everything is up to speed. This means that the risk of having your games suffer is almost unheard of.

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Secrets To Humiliating Your Enemies In The Arena

07/15/2018 Gaming


If you are one of those people who like war games, then you what it feels like when it comes to the world of Warcraft arenas. For you to emerge the conqueror, you need to make sure that your rating is as they should be. At first, you might see it as a complicated task to undertake. But the truth is that the all process is very simple. You can only enjoy the game if you acquire the ability to win the game. This does not mean that if you do not enjoy the game, you cannot win. This article provides you with some tips that will enable you to emerge victorious in the game.

Abilities and skills

There is no way you can expect someone who does not have the necessary skills to win in this game. Keybind your abilities and skills are one of the most useful tools that you need to make use of. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to use them. If this is your case, then you do have to worry because it will just come with time.

The macros

The macros are supposperson wearing mask ed to permit a player to use the sequence of abilities with a touch of one key. Not all people are capable of getting used to macros. However, if you are determined to emerge the conqueror, then you will have to learn with time. One important thing that you need to understand is that speed is very important when it comes to combat situations. So to maximize your performance, you need to make learning the art of macros. It will boost your speed and enable you to become perfect.

Arena Rating

Your team rating is another important factor that you should consider if you want to become a conqueror as far as this game is concerned. The good news is that there are always people who are ready to help boost your Arena Rating. When this is done, you can be sure that you will have a better chance of enjoying the game even better. There are many companies out there that claim to have the ability to help you through this process; the truth is that not all of them are capable of helping you achieve exactly what you need. So you need to choose wisely.


typing The focus is not only important in this game, but also in anything that you do. So when it comes to playing this game, you need to give the focus on the priority that deserves. Setting your focus on a player is very important because it will help you to see everything that he is doing.

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How to Choose Video Games for Your Kids

05/24/2018 Gaming

game controller on hand

Currently, children prefer video games as their hobby. On the other hand, parents consider buying video games as presents or a way to entice their children to do a certain task. However, it is true that some video games can help your kid to grow in a way that you never thought possible. The video games enable your child to learn some events that happen in real life, and this might help them to think correctly.

When you think of buying a video game for your kid, you need to be cautious on some aspects that might spoil this child. Some video games are so flashy and may interfere with the life of your child. Be sure to pick a video game that is safe and fun to your child. The following are tips to guide you in choosing the best video game for your child.

Read the Reviews

If you want to find the most suitable video game for your kid, it is important to look for reviews from other parents or manufacturers. Keep an eye on the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Make sure you search for the titles with more reviews from parents like you. You need to be smart in avoiding a video game that might dramatically ruin how your child is thinking.

Check the Ratings

playing gamesWhen you are buying or downloading a game, you will find out that they are always rated. Be sure to choose a video game that is rated to suit the age of your kid. For instance, the games from stores are in different categories and are always labeled. Categories are belonging to early childhood while others are meant for adults only so you need to choose consciously.

Some games may have inappropriate content that might be disturbing to your child; such content may include violence, sexual content, and abusive language. The games should also not be addictive; you need to pay attention to the type of video game you choose.

Choose Free Games

When you are choosing the best video game, prioritize those that are based on the TV shows, they are always free. These video games are age appropriate and do not involve any form of content that is harmful to kids. Such games are found online, and they will save your hassle of going to game stores looking for appropriate games.

Choose from Your Child’s Interests

two controller

It is significant to choose a video game based on what your child loves. For instance, if your child is more into watching cartoons, you can prefer getting him a cartoon video game.

Choosing a game that is matching with what the child will encourage him to develop his hobby. The child will have a chance to watch the fantasy in the video games and work hard to be like the heroes in the game when it comes to the real world.

Just make sure that the child plays the video games in limited time so that he or she can make time for important stuff like reading or perhaps sleeping.

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Accessories

04/08/2018 Gaming Accessories

game stick

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must know that there are accessories that you cannot do without. Despite that you might not require all the accessories, there are some that are vital for you to enjoy any game.

Selecting the best gaming accessories

Select your console

The first thing you must do is to select your console on which to play the games. Thergaming accessoriese are many accessories you can get for gaming stations in case you are playing the game on iPad, personal computer or laptop.

If you are buying a game station for the first time, this might be challenging. The most effective way is to visit online and find different manufacturers. The manufacturers give a list of accessories that fit a certain gaming station.

Look for a manufacturer who provides the accessories at the most affordable price because they do not sell them at the same price. This is why it is good to take time as you do the search to ensure you get the best deal.

Necessary accessories

There are some accessories that you must have for your game station. Some of these accessories include kinect for Xbox gaming chair for PS4 and all other remote controlled stations to prevent hurting yourself when you play for a long time.

Gaming keyboard

This is very vital, and you can buy it from different providers online. The good thing is that there are wireless keyboards that are easy to use. The wireless gaming keyboard is also effective for playing a wide range of games.

Universal cables

Universal cables are also vital accessories you should have. They are a necessity if you use a laptop, personal computer or TV to play the games. Look for universal cables that are compatible with all your devices. This will save you the cost of having to buy Universal cables for each of your devices.

Rechargeable battery

You need to have a rechargeable battery to avoid replacing batteries often which can be very costly for you. Wherever possible, it is good to look for batteries to replace the rechargeable batteries.

Good trheadset avel case

This is another vital accessory because you might want to enjoy gaming when traveling or enjoying your vacation. Look for a supportive padded travel case for your gaming console. If possible include all other gaming accessories in the bag.

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A guide to buying the right gaming monitor

09/21/2017 Gaming Accessories


The type of gaming monitor you buy goes a long way to determining your gaming experience. A gaming monitor could mean victory or defeat for you. No one wants to lose, hence the importance of buying the right monitor. Some monitors like 144Hz gaming monitor have proved their worth in the gaming world.

What makes them stand out?

There are a number of things that make a monitor stand out which you should consider when buying a gaming monitor. These will help you get a gaming monitor that will serve you for many years to come. We’ve listed the most important ones which will act as your monitor buying guide.

Response rate

The higher the response rate of a gaming monitors the lower the efficiency while the lower the the response rate, the higher the efficiency. Response rate refers to how fast or slows a monitor refreshes or updates. A good gaming monitor should have a response rate of between 1ms and 8ms. A monitor with a response rate that’s higher than 8ms is not efficient.

Panel size

monitorThe higher the panel size, the better. Unless it’s a laptop monitor, your gaming monitor should not go anything below 20 inches. You would have a good gaming experience if you for a monitor sized 23 or 24 inches. However, the best gaming experience is achieved with a 27 inches monitor. In addition to this, the larger the monitor, the higher the power required. Therefore, you should consider the amount of your power source to determine the size of your gaming monitor.


Resolution of your gaming monitor determines how clear the display will be. A clear display is achieved when the pixels are small. A high-resolution monitor gives smaller pixels. For example, if you are buying 20 inches 144Hz monitor, a good buying should advise you to buy a monitor with a resolution of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels. For a gaming monitor that’s between 25 and 27 inches, the resolution should be at least 2560 by 1440 pixels. Basically, the larger the size of the monitor, the higher the resolution should be.

Panel type

The type of panel on your gaming monitor determines its color accuracy. Viewing angle, brightness and pixel response time. According to 144Hz monitor buying guide, there are four types of panels namely IPS, TN, PLS and VA panels.
IPS monitors are expensive but have the best color accuracy. However, their response rate is low.
TN panels are cheap and have a higher response rate. However, their brightness level is poor as well as the color accuracy. If you want high-quality images, avoid TN panels.
PLS panels are relatively cheaper that IPS panels although they both possess almost similar qualities. The only difference is that they are a bit brighter than IPS panels.
VA panels are more expensive that TN panels and offer better brightness and darkness variations as well as color accuracy.

Monitor stand

musicThere are different monitor stands available. For example, according to monitor buying guides for 144Hz monitors, they allow adjustments like rotation, tilting, swivel, and pivot. There are monitor stands that offer these adjustments all together while others offer one or two of these adjustments. Choose a monitor stand that suits your needs.

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The best gaming monitors at the moment

08/24/2017 Gadget

Gaming monitors are so many in the market that it can be confusing in selecting the right one. But no need to worry if you have done the research then the process will not be that difficult. And this articles has come to help you out in making the right decision. When choosing the right gaming monitor, it might confuse you if you don’t know the different features available the refresh rate, the sizes and the response time because every monitor will have different features.  So for you to have the best gaming monitor, then you need to select the one that will have the best of all the features that I have mentioned above. Click here for the best gaming monitors at the moment. Continue reading to understand some of the best gaming monitors at the moment.

Acer Predator XB271HU

LG monitor

When you buy this one, you will notice right away that it has an excellent performance when you are gaming. The size of the Acer Predator is 27inch and its works best if you have a PC with the Nvidia’s GTX graphics card the game will run so smoothly. The game will run so smoothly when you have this gaming monitor up to 144Hz this is when it’s compared to the 60Hz, and this difference can be seen.

BenQ XL2720Z

The BenQ XL2720Z its 27 inches, and it’s one of the best gaming monitors on the market today there is no doubt about that. The feature that makes this gaming monitor stand out is the extra hertz that it has and what’s more they are complimented by so many features like the monitor blur reduction. The three genre setting and what stands out is the zero flicker technology that the main purpose will be making the game easier when it’s comes to the eyes. The response is one of the best because it has unbeatable 1ms and also it has a button that you can flick 12 aspects, this means the game can be changed to a professional one.

Samsung C24FG70


If you are a fan of the curved gaming, then you are in luck because the Samsung C24FG70 is the one that you should get. The other feature that makes it the best is the plethora. Also, it gives the person using it the ability to impressive color reproduction because of the quantum dot display. This gaming monitor will be the best for those individuals in the market in search of something that can edit professional photos and videos. It has the 144Hz, and it’s the best that anyone can have as I had mentioned earlier.


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Logitech Xbox One Racing Wheel

05/28/2017 Gaming

game stick

The racing game has only been made better for the speed lovers. With the new enhancements on the Logitech Xbox one racing wheel, the cockpit has been made very enthralling. Logitech was initially only supported by pc and ps3/ps2 in 2008. During this time, the accessory came with three pedal sets and a shifter. The good news for the speed lovers now is that the latest product comes with the first Xbox one option, the G920! This option is, however, similar to G27 in look and feels, only that the shifter is sold differently. The logitech xbox one racing wheel is definitely one of the best when considered with the other models. Let us explore some of its features.

Great tips

The degree of rotation of the driving wheel

gamesThe degree of rotation is the primary factor to be considered while choosing on any wheels. Different brands have a different degree of rotation for their wheels. These degrees vary between 270 and 900.

Some brands offer the provision for a setting to every degree while others only have the two. Having a wider range of settings of the rotation degree leaves the driver at liberty of customizing and adapting to his drive.


It is important to note that not all brands have been licensed for X box one. All these brands vary in their quality, functions, and even price. Doing a proper research to make sure that any incompatibility issues are catered for is a crucial step.

Once the compatibility issue is solved, cases of malfunctioning of the device will be minimal. These devices are not very cheap and so making sure that you get the right one for your Xbox will help you save. If a wheel is not properly compatible with the Xbox, problems such as vibrations and missing force feedback are usually encountered during the game.

Force feedback

game stickWhen playing the game, there is nothing as exciting as the force feedback pulling sensation that is created on the wheels as you turn or skid. This energy makes you feel like the car is forcing you to return to the centered position. This power is determined by the base motor to which the steering rim is attached. The Logitech Xbox one racing wheel has been equipped with this facility for higher performance.

At least the majority of men in the universe, if not all of them, love cars, driving, and speed. For the speed lovers of the Xbox console, there is a wide array of brands of the Xbox racing wheels. If you ever dreamt of having the best of times in the cockpit, then there is no doubt, LogitechXbox one racing wheel is the device of your dream!

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Why you Should Play Pokemon Go

01/10/2017 Games

Pokemon go

Pokemon go is one of the most interesting games that is taking the internet and social media by storm. Unlike other games where you sit behind the screen and play, this game takes a different perspective. With pokemon go accessories, you have to physically visit the different surrounding to play the game. This makes it an interesting game for people who live an adventure.

It is important to take note that playing Pokemon go has its challenges because going to physical locations at odd hours of the night may not be a good idea. Despite these challenges, the game remains one of the best games that you can play.

Benefits of playing Pokemon go

Physical activity

If you are one of those people who don’t like the gym or jogging, then Pokplaying Pokemon goemon go might just be the right solution for you. This is a game that requires you to move from place to place to win the game. People who like to stay around the house will find a great motivation to move around.

When moving around, you will not only be winning the game, but you will also be benefiting your body through physical activity. If you feel that the gym or jogging is not the right thing for you, then you should try Pokemon go.

Educative game

With the current lifestyle, many people are not aware of their environment. Pokemon is one of the few games that will lead you to understand your surrounding environment better. The game will introduce you to places in your surrounding that you never knew that they existed.

For people who don’t like historic books or are poor is landmarks or historic sites, this is one of the ways to educate yourself. Pokemon will help you identify places that you never knew that they existed.

Improving social interaction

Improving social intplaying Pokemon goeractions is one of the reasons why Pokemon go is quickly increasing in popularity. In the traditional video games that we know, players meet online. Pokemon go however different from the normal games that we know.

The players will always meet physical when they are trying to win the game in different physical location. This is a good way to meet friends for people who want to make new friends in their area.

Pokemon accessories and clothing are also another way of improving social interaction. Players of the game can always identify each other in public through their dressing, and they can hold social events to know how to play and win the game better.

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Use A Ball Chair for Playing Games and a Healthy Life

01/01/2017 Games

yoga ball chair

Ergonomic ball chairs are a fantastic concept, and they permit us to improve our health and wellbeing even when sat in an office or while playing games.

Regrettably, most modern-day workplace furniture does nothing but add to medical conditions. If you spend long hours sat in front of a desk or computer system, it is beneficial finding out about its advantages and use a Fitseats exercise ball as a chair.

The intriguing design of these unique chairs develops a scenario wherein the user will be inclined to alter their position and move about on a regular basis. This is the reverse of exactly what takes place when we make use of a yoga ball chair routine office chair. If you were to sit constantly in the same position for hours on end, it would have a dramatic impact on health.

Are you mindful that if you spend many hours slouched over your desk, your spine will end up being harmed? You may constantly remember being told to sit up straight as a youngster, this is just as important today. A bad posture can trigger nerve damage that has an influence on your overall health and wellbeing. Using a chair that has an exercise ball incorporated into the design, will let you find that your general posture enhances significantly.

Another advantage of this unique kind of chair is that it can help enhance blood flow. Unlike routine chairs, which exert pressure on one area of the body continuously, ergonomic exercise chairs increase the user’s activity, for that reason flow is enhanced at the same time.person sitting on yoga ball chair

With more people taking up jobs that include very little mobility, you must never neglect the value of incorporating the most recent workout devices into your workplace furniture and everyday regimen. It may assist to minimize the threat of health problems developing in your later life.

We all want to work efficiently and feel less stress, therefore using a ball chair as you work can help you increase your energy levels and productivity while at the same time giving you a stress-free day. To find out more about how you can get a ball chair visit

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Red Ball 1 Game Review

10/12/2016 Games

red ball 1 review 3

Red Ball 1 is an excellent game, which involves action, puzzle, and physics. The game provides over 17 levels. As you move up, the challenge you face increases. The name of the game is derived from the red ball. You are required to move the ball through many obstacles to score.

You can play this game use keyboard keys. For movements, you will use arrow keys. However, there are some tricks you can apply to red ball make your Red Ball 1 playing interesting. For instance, you can combine both right and up arrow keys. In this way, you can move your ball forward and over obstacles. If you wish to restart the game at any given time, just hit the “R” key. Escape key for quitting the game and ‘P’ is for pausing the game. Unfortunately, you cannot use the mouse to move the ball. However, in future the developers may integrate the use of the mouse.

The main objective of this game is moving the ball past obstacles. You should take care for the ball not to fall into holes or pits. Moreover, if it hits the obstacles, your ball will be damaged. Your duty is to move the ball on a particular to reach goal flag successfully. At the start of play, the ball is static. Start by pressing any arrow keys and it will move accordingly. If you get a pit between red ball 1 the blocks, you will need to jump over it. Just pressing up arrow will only make a ball move up and not forward.

Red Ball 1 is a great game in which you apply your skills and physics principles. You will need to be smart to achieve every target. Every level has something new. The initial levels are easy, and the difficulty of the game moves up. You will come across pits in between the blocks. For you to advance to the next level, you will need good coordination with the arrow keys. Difficulty to play will start from the second level, and you will need to be smart. It is an amazing game to challenge your mind. For instance, in the second level, the ball behaves like a pendulum. Therefore, it can move back if you are not careful. In the subsequent levels, there are thorns and axes that will damage the ball if you are not careful. The game has no end as it length increases as you move up.

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Becoming the Best Player in Pokémon Go

09/05/2016 Gaming

people playing Pokémon

Different individuals from various parts of the world are running randomly looking at their phones with one purpose of catching them all. Buy Pokemon Go Accounts to catch up with this excitement that has swept everyone. This read talks about the tricks and tips of the Pokémon Go that will no doubt make you excel in this game.

Best tips and tricks

Visiting the parks with multiple Poke Stops

One of the top tricks and tips of this game is visiting the park with multiple Poke Shops. It is indeed true that you can man playing phonefind Pokémon anywhere; however, if you want to find lots of Pokémon then you should go to an area that is populated. The cities are the best places to begin from, but the parks are the best especially those with the saltwater beach parks or a great body of water. This is a great Pokémon catching experience.

The different terrain will assist you to find different types of Pokémon whereas the parks with various Poke Stops will help you have enough Poke Balls while you are hunting.

Hunt in pairs

It is crucial to note that when the Pokémon appear in a given area, they appear to everyone and can be caught by anyone in that area. The hunting groups and the hunting pairs are therefore highly recommended. It is not only for fun to banter with the friends while wandering in the neighborhood for Pokémon. It will also help you cover more ground as you try figuring out where the Kadabra might be hiding.

Hunt safely

You should pay attention that you are not robbed or stabbed. It is clearly not safe to go by yourself to a Lure enabled Poke Stop at night. With that in mind, you can hunt smartly in pairs or small groups at night to find the Pokémon that you will not ordinarily find during the day. When hunting, ensure that you only stick to the well-lit areas that have a car nearby.

Use your radar ring to discover Pokémon

playing PokémonAs you wander the world, your avatar will always have a small ring that is pulsing and glowing around it. This ring is your personal radar when it comes to the game. It is what determines whether you are close enough to the Poke Gym or the Poke Shop. It is, therefore, critical that you use it as it is also what pulls the nearby Pokémon out of their hiding. Once the Pokémon is on your nearby radar, it should be within a few blocks of your location.

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Showbox – Watch Action Movies

06/30/2016 Movies

couple watching TV

If you are a movie lover who has always wanted to watch free movies online, worry not! Showbox is here to make this dream a reality for you. You may be asking yourself “what is Show box?”Show box is a popular movie streaming app that lets you watch your favorite movies and TV series at no

It may be the popular TV series that you never want to miss out on an episode or the latest movie that you have been longing to see but haven’t gotten a chance. This app is free, and although the app is made specifically for Android phones, you can also use it on your PC, IOS and Blackberry through alternative ways.

Showbox features and functions

Through Showbox, get to watch action movies and TV shows in HD on your Android device. Showbox has High Definition quality and minimal amounts of ads. It also has a broad range of movies and TV-shows that fall into different categories such as comedy, action, adventure, war, romance, drama and lots of others.

The App also lets you choose movies by date, so if you wanted to watch a film in 2010, all you have to do is go to the year and get all the movies in that year. If you don’t have an idea about the film you want to watch, by just pointing at the movie you get to view and read the story line of the movie and if it excites you, you can go ahead and watch it.

You also don’t have to go looking for the latest movie. The app has the selection ready for you. The fun thing about this app is that it’s easy to use for absolutely everyone! Showbox also allows you to download a movie you want and watch later.

Why use Showbox?

It free of chwatching Showboxarge and you get to access all the amazing features it has. You can use the app by logging in or without giving so many details, and the design is also innovative and user-friendly.

How do you download and install the app on Android?

The download and install process is quite simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Enable unknown sources in your Android phone by going to Settings > Security, Scroll down to Device Administration section and tick “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Open the File Manager and locate the Showbox APK file you have downloaded.
  3. Tap on the Showbox APK file to open it.
  4. Click on “Install” button and wait for the system to install Showbox automatically on your device.
  5. “Click done” after it is completed.
  6. Start using it by going to Menu and tapping the “Show”
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How to Get Instant Access to FIFA 16 Coin Generator

06/13/2016 GamesGaming Accessories

game stick

It is a well-known fact that just by playing the game it is almost impossible to get an unlimited amount of FIFA 16 Coins and Points as it may take hundreds of hours to achieve that target. So to help you in getting these fifa 16 free coins whenever you want the designers of FIFA game have intentionally designed FIFA 16 Coin Generator.

This coin generator is also developed to encourage the comeback of the players by allowing them to have more coins either against money or free without wasting their time. They have designed this coin generator as online App so that everyone can get instant access to FIFA 16 Coin Generator to generate unlimited Ultimate team coins and points, without any hassle of downloading it.


Instructions to get Free FIFA 16 Coins and Points

You will have to visit at their Generator page through a green button on the website of the game designers to start getting free FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins and Points. You will be allowed and highly recommended to tweet and share the page so that you can get priority position in the queue.

It also helps the developers of this generator in keeping their tool updated on day to day basis. Then you will be allowed to access the page of their online generator where you will have to verify your identification in some quick moves if you are using this tool for the first time. Now you can use this tool unlimitedly whenever you want.

Unlimited FIFA Ultimate Team 16 Coins and Points

  • game stickFree: The FIFA 16 coin generator developed by the designer of the game is absolutely free and you can use it whenever you want without spending even a single penny.
  • No need of downloading it: Being an online based tool you need not download this complicated software. You can also use it even through your mobile phone
  • Simple and fast: FIFA Ultimate Team 16 Coins and Points Generator allows you to add as many free coins and points as you want to your game account within no time. This feature makes this game incredibly easy.
  • Unmatched security: Your account is entirely safe by using this coin generator tool to get them unlimited as no one will know about its use.

In this way, you can easily get instant access to FIFA 16 Coin Generator to get an unlimited amount of coins and points for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

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The Truth About Getting Banned After An ELO Boost

03/17/2016 Games

playing video games

Over the recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about getting banned after an ELO boost. As someone who has never experienced this before, it can be difficult to know which information is factual. The truth is that there are many reasons why such accounts get banned. In fact, it could be because of a totally different reason because there are those whose accounts have been suspended been without the boost.

Change in IP addresses

Those whose accounts have been banned tend to believe that the system detects when there is a change in IP addresses, and so, they think that this is the reason they are being banned. However, if you keenly look at the situation, you will realize that this might not be the cause. For instance, you could be visiting a friend, and therefore, you need to use their computer to log into your account. The system does not restrict you to only using the computer in your house because if it did, it only means that it will be making your experience a difficult one.


Although a rise in your account could be because of a boost, it also is important to pint out that you can also rise naturally. If you manage to rise rapidly to platinum level, there will be no reason the system should ban you because, after all, it is a possible. There is no set limit when it comes to the speed with which you move up the ranks. It, therefore, does not make sense to argue that once the system detects a rapid rise, it will ban you on the grounds that you are getting a boost.

Getting the boost from a reliable source

boy playing gameSince a ban could be because of many other reasons, you should know how to get a boost from a reliable source. The person that logs into your account should be a trusted one. Even though there are many companies as well as individuals who offer these services, that should not make you believe that they all are reliable.

The good thing, however, is that avoiding getting banned after an ELO boost is very easy. If you are searching online, you should insist on using a service that has been proven to work. You might want to talk to some of your friends who have used such services before just to be sure that you are not risking a ban.

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What You Should Know About Clash Of Clans

01/02/2016 Games


This is a strategy game, which is designed for the Apple devices and Android devices. You can download the game from Apple App store and Google Play store.

Builder plans

Clash of Clans has lots of focus on execution and preparation of strategies. It has some important game aspects to having good angel builder plan. You need to secure the base and destroy all the enemy units, which come to attack the base. You need to plan the base as it a huge effect on whether you are to win or lose the game. There are several builder plans you can use.

There are many things, which you need to consider in creating the base. You should note that the base is very important part as it helps protect the resources. Also, you should maintain high trophy count. This base is not only defensive in nature. It will form a basis to protect the resources. You need the troops and army structures to attack the enemy and eliminate them. There are some basics you ought to consider when to plan your base.

There are some buildings, which you need to protect the walls. Moreover, there are others to left outside the walls. Huts are some of the buildings, which needs to be out. Others include Laboratory, barracks, army cramps, and Spell Factory. If the elixir and gold mines and areas are of high levels, you need to have them inside the walls. Defensive buildings need to be centralized such as Mortars and towers. This is necessary to avoid being attacked. You should avoid placing the Archer towers and canons in outskirts. This is a need to ensure that your buildings are not attacked first.

This is a free game to play. However, there are some in-game purchases, which every player can make to speed the process and lampdevelop armies and villages. You start the game with a basic tutorial, which introduces core game concepts. You need to create more concurrent projects and resources.

Real-time of building units and buildings plus a collection of materials implies that you will be juggling with materials. If you do not have the right materials, you will have to wait. You should be able to gather enough resources, which will keep you going.

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Win the Boom Beach Challenges

11/05/2015 Games

Boom Beach character

Playing video games online is the latest craze in passing the time. There are so many different challenges, and people tend to get stuck on them as each level will bring in more interesting and challenging obstacles.

One great game to play is Boom Beach. It is set on a beach, but the challenges you have to face in either a single player or muti player setting are much more than you would find on any real beach, You have to fight the evil blackguard. To do this you will have to train your troops on the beach, you can also fight to gain new resources to explore new beaches and free islands that have enslaved people. The issue many people face when playing such online games is buying Boom Beach gameresources. With this hack, you can buy all the resources and troops you need to advance to the next levels and free many slaves from the islands.

As we all know, it is fun to play a game. If you start, you want to get to the end, and you want to do it in style. Some games make it very hard to earn coins to buy resources. Therefore it is tiring, and you may get annoyed that you cannot get to the levels you want.

Boom Beach game introThere are many games that may also make it impossible to go to the next level unless you buy currency to unlock that level. If you have a great hack, though, you will have no problem and will be able to play and have some great fun with the game. Online games like Boom Beach come in single and multiplayer versions where you can enjoy playing with your friends or other players on the internet. When you play with other online players, it makes for a great experience as you have to out smart and out-strategise real players from around the world.

Try your hand at Boom Beach and see how you can have a great time when you are sitting on the bus or train or simply waiting for someone. It will give you something to do when you are bored. You can use the hack to get all the resources you need so that you will not have to wait forever to get to the next level or advance in the game.

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Introduction To League Of Legends

09/15/2015 Games

league of legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online game that has become very popular over the last few years. It is a multiplayer online battle arena, MOBA game. The game was first launched in 2009. The game was produced by Riot games and was available for both PC and Mac.

Like other MOBA games, the game is available in 5v5 mode. In this mode, teams compete against each other with an intention of league of legends destroying Nexus. Nexus is the enemy case that uses common map. LOL has an additional option of using 3v3. In addition, it brings in Dominion gameplay style. In this style, players should seize and detain five objective points. This will lessen health of Nexus. This game will deliver a great gameplay with better speed.

Influence Points
When playing this game, players can use Influence Points as their main currency. How much you will earn depends on various factors such as quantity of bots and summoner level. Players have the freedom to use IPs to buy in-game items such as champions and runes.

Riot Points
league of legends playerThis is another alternative currency that is provided to the players. You can procure it using debit/credit cards, prepaid Riot Point Game cards, and Paypal. These points can be used to rune pages, unlock champions, and various kinds of boosts. They can also earn these points free like recommending the game to others.

This is a form of customization. Players have the freedom to amplify assortments of stats such as manna regeneration, damage, movement speed, and health. This allows you to play the game without changing your champion. However, this is done in a league of legends characterdifferent manner depending on rune and options for mastery.

Players have the option of choosing from a pool of champions that keep them moving up every week. Players van use Riot Points and Influence Points to unlock the champions. Every week there are several free champions for playing. This gives you an opportunity to use them before purchasing them. You are provided with various types of champions. They include bruisers, tanks, support, janglers, and assassins.

Ranked Matches
There is no big difference between regular games and ranked matches. However, this is dependent on the outcome of game players are awarded ranks. This is known as ELO ranking system. This also refers to a system, which is packed with a lot of broke players. It is quite difficult to escape ELO structure because of the game design.

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The Great Football Game FUT15

02/13/2015 Games

Fifa player

Without a doubt among the coolest pieces of exclusive content are the Legends on the FIFA Ultimate Team, readily available just to Xbox and Xbox One gamers.

These historical powerhouses of the stunning game make numerous of today’s gamers look distinctively unimpressive; certainly, Pelé’s 95 score means that he is even better than Lionel Messi (now rated 93 on FIFA 15). The inclusion of 15 brand-new Legends suggests that the lineup is better than it has been ever before, now boasting the similarity Bobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer and Peter Schmeichel. Buying Fifa gamespacks and trading stuff with the millions of online players helps the gamer feel more involved with the game and make it feel more lifelike.

The envy that is coming from FIFA-addicted Playstation owners who wished they could include Pelé’s to their Ultimate Group is understandably rife. However, the Xbox-exclusive Fifa material isn’t without its faults. Even with the brand-new additions to the roster, there are still several noteworthy absentees who have actually inexplicably been overlooked when again.

Of course, it would be an impossible job to consist of all the sport’s historic greats. The first association football club, Sheffield F.C., was established in 1857. And since that time hundreds of players have had the ability to increase above their peers and emblazon their heritages into the record of football’s history. However, a few of the gamers who have been overlooked or not been included on Fifa playerFIFA 15 Ultimate Group are undeniable legends who have actually influenced the method the sport is played today.

There are many greats who are not available, and maybe they will be included in future releases but one can only hope.

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How to Become a Successful Video Game Tester

01/10/2015 Video Game Jobs

Video Game maker 2

Becoming a video game tester initially sounds like an ideal job. It can be for the most part although to become one will also mean that you need good writing abilities and exceptional communication abilities.

The first thing, you need to do to become a video game tester, is find the right contacts! The old phrase holds true “It’s not what you know but who you know!”, and you will discover that this is the same when you are aiming to get this dream job.

Video Game Tester There is little point in browsing through the job classifieds as you are likely to have little luck in finding a paid job for a video game tester. The best alternative, you have to get this job, is to search the internet for video game development businesses and look for jobs on their sites. Or even much better phone them and ask if they have any openings!

The second point, to remember when looking for this job, is you should have the proper console or computer you need to play the games. This might sound unnecessary however you must not telephone a PS3 video game development site seeking to be a game tester unless you have a PS3.

When you get your first job as a video game tester, the company will normally supply you with a document to fill out Video Game makerabout the video game. This can vary from what you thought of the basic gameplay all the way to an in-depth evaluation of the video game. If you want to get this job, you need to take it seriously, and you will be playing a lot of video games.

The 3rd step is to keep going. The more jobs, you do as a tester and the more companies you work for, the more chance of larger companies using you and sooner or later you, will land a full-time job.

Maybe these ideas will assist you in your quest to find this ideal job and if you follow the steps above you ought to be well on your way!

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Simulation Games – Virtual Meets Reality

01/03/2015 Games

driving Simulator Games 2

PC simulation video games are one way to try new experiences right in the privacy of your house. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a soldier in wartime or a shopping mall manager of a 500,000 square foot property? These games allow real choices to be made impacting the result of not just the gamers but all the characters in the video game.

Life simulation games do simply that and more by bringing the whole world to your fingertips. They enable the player to immerse themselves into a virtual reality that they may otherwise never have a chance to try. Everything from race car driving to being a jet pilot to a more enjoyable simulation games like farming and shopping excursions.

Simulator Games The simulation games that are readily available can allow the user to experience nearly anything they can envision. There are games that mimic everything from commanding your very own submarine to managing a Bowl winning football team. There is always a game that will spark an interest in almost anyone.

The best simulation PC video games might be found online at a wide variety of websites from various producers and suppliers. Many of the sites offer not only an overview of each of the game, but many offers a free trial download of many of the video games. These, obviously, do not include all the features of the full video game however are enough to get a great idea of what is being offered.

Each of the games offered on these sites will have purchase details included in the descriptions. Together with this, there will certainly be significant details regarding system requirements for the computer that the video games will be used on. Simulation games need a certain quantity of hard drive space and memory to run properly.driving Simulator Games

Another important thing to consider is the kind of graphics card that is in your computer. Many of the PC simulation video games have exceptionally comprehensive, and high-resolution graphics incorporated into them and the card will need to have the ability to keep up. By ensuring that thePC set up meets the game requirements, the general experience will be great.

There are a great many sites that will have reviews offered for the leading PC simulation games. These are easily found by doing a short search on the Web. By using these websites, a clear choice can be made in regards to the games that you may take pleasure in and want to have around for a very long time.

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The Excitement of Online Multiplayer Games

01/03/2015 Games

Multiplayer Games 2

Playing video games by yourself is fun, but there is absolutely nothing quite like the excitement of playing and contending against real individuals. Video game companies have understood this over the years and have worked more faithfully to make multiplayer options much easier and more available in video games.

In reality, there are now a large range of great totally free games sporting full multiplayer capabilities. Isn’t it excellent when you can not only play with people from various parts of the world but do it for free too?

There are an innumerable quantity of reasons to try totally free online Multiplayer shooting Games multiplayer video games if you haven’t yet. To begin with, live individuals aren’t as predictable as a computer virtual challenger. This unpredictability brings more of an edgy and amazing sensation to the video game, no matter what it is you’re playing. When is the last time you had the computerized opponent boast their abilities to you or compliment you on a great video game? In reality, the AI in the game can’t chat with you at all, and there is nothing like a great chat session in between rivals to construct the enjoyment.

Another great thing is that a lot of video game websites offer a very large choice of complimentary online multiplayer Multiplayer Games games. Do you like combating video games? No issue. Is racing against other people is more your thing? They’ve got you covered. No matter what kind of games you want, you’ll definitely have no trouble discovering something that fits your tastes. With all the benefits to playing complimentary online multiplayer games, the only question left to ask is why have not you attempted them yet.

If you give it a try, you may find yourself stuck to these games for hours on end. You will enjoy it so much that you will want to play more.

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Best Xbox Games of 2014

01/03/2015 Games

2014 Games

The last year of gaming brought us the very first complete year of the next generation of consoles. It brought us brand-new triple A’ IP’s and worthy sequels. You could likewise call 2014 the year of broken games!

2014 Games You would require just two hands to count how many video games launched completely out of whack last year. Now these are personal viewpoints and yours may not be the same.

Let’s start with Madden 15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed: Unity have all given me hundreds of hours of pure enjoyment. While these are all sequels, they squeezed new life into their respective franchises.

Madden 15 was a big step up over the sub-par Madden 25. Where its predecessor failed to be anything near “next-gen”, Madden 15 picked up the slack and delivered an amazing football video game. From its upgraded presentation to its slick brand-new graphics it’s a pleasure to take a look at. It is also more in depth than ever in regards to gameplay. You can say that EA Sports made an effort last year.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is precisely what the doctor ordered. If you were trying to find a need to return into softball gamethe franchise, here it is. You believe the franchise required retooling or rebooted? Check. Advanced Warfare has change Call of Duty permanently, and it’s hard to consider going back to a time before exo matches and double jumping. Not only is the multiplayer the very best in the series because the initial Modern Warfare, it boast a fantastic campaign.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was probably the worst examined Creed game since the third one, but I couldn’t agree less with the final decision. Unity is my favorite Creed game given that the 3rd! Maybe I’m just a sucker for bad Assassin’s Creed Games. From its jaw dropping open world, its sleek graphics, and outstanding gameplay; there’s a lot to like about Unity and it’s a shame that bugs and glitches destroyed the experience for some.

Each person has their preference and lets hope we can get even more great games this year.

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